German Shepherd Rescue
Rescuing German Shepherds


German Shepherd Rescue 

Mission is to rescue German Shepherd dogs regardless of their age or adoptability.

This system of running a no kill shelter has worked for 15 years, however now my home is full with liffers (shepherds not deemed adoptable).

I will continue to network on behalf of every shepherd who needs a new home but I can no longer bring them home as my home is full.

The shepherds that are here now will live out their lives in my home until they reach the rainbow bridge.

Please note before considering a German Shepherd for a pet!

The German Shepherd needs a handler of strong character and confidence. 

(pack leader) (authority figure) 

These dogs have an uncanny ability to sense weakness in their handlers.

Shepherds will not follow weak energy.

Shepherds Country Haven, German Shepherd rescue is now trying to build a shelter my home is full, any donations will help build this dream.   

Please contact me for further info on how to donate to this cause.


I am not accepting shepherds at this time, my home is full.


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